USA vs Panama

USA vs Panama: At least that is the question that remains to be resolved for Gregg Berhalter when he prepares the US national team for his gold medal final against Panama in an undefeated team match, with the winner taking first place of the rank. group that goes to the eighth final. .

Gold Cup 2019
Team : USA vs Panama
Date : Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Start Time : 7:00 Pm ET

The USMNT used the same starting lineup for its two group stage wins, easy fights against Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. Team rotation seems inevitable for Americans.

The national team will face Panama Wednesday night at the Mercy Park for the children of Kansas City with first place finish in Group D at the finish line. Both teams have already secured a place in the quarterfinals, but the winner of this match will win the group with the US team. UU Maintain the advantage in case of a tie.

US General Manager Gregg Berhalter started the same lineup in each of the first two games of the US team: a 4-0 win over Guyana and a 6-0 win over Trinidad and Tobago. -Tobago. But it would not be surprising to see Berhalter make radical changes against Panama, both to give beginners some rest and to allow others to prove their worth in important situations.

As in the first two games, Berhalter should start the game with four in the back, right on the right to continue and the back at the back probably further back. The only midfielder # 6 will play the role of deeper player with two offensive midfielder # 10 in front of # 6, two wingers and one forward.

Is Berhalter just playing the lead, or could the first-year coach find it hard to accept the decision he admitted on Saturday that he has not yet had to assume as a coach? main?

“It’s a good question and, to be honest, I have no experience in this area,” admitted Berhalter when asked if he would run some players. “It’s the first time we’ve done it, so we’ll have to solve it, we know the tournament has a lot of games over a short period of time, so we need to find some balance.” Part of that was getting some guys out today to take a break. It will be an interesting problem that we will have to solve. “

Berhalter will have to weigh the benefits of maintaining the same initial alignment with the drawbacks of wearing too much wear at his first-choice group before the playoff rounds. After two wins by a combined margin of 10-0, it’s not like any of the current incumbents had played since the initial role, and Berhalter is also seeing more and more within the group that he will be tempted to continue to develop. .

“The boys are feeling good right now,” Berhalter said. “Part of us analyzing the match against Guyana saying” Well, we have to go one step further as a group, we have to continue to progress as a group. “It made more sense to play the same lineup, so we observed who had a good performance, keep their place, and we found that everyone could keep their place.

“In this case, when we enter the match against Panama, the guys feel good right now, for us it’s about assessing where everybody is and then making the decisions that are needed. . “

If Berhalter makes deep changes, stands out or finds common ground, he and the USMNT head towards the end of the group with many options and regain confidence after impressive victories that have provided a vital moral boost.

“This is a team that from the beginning has understood the idea that we are a collective, that we are a team and that we play the role of the bank, no matter who plays, who is in the bank, we we support all others, “said defenseman Walker Zimmerman. “We help each other in every way possible and it’s up to everyone to prepare themselves from the first minute, whether they start or not.”

“Until now, the mentality was good: in training and in games, the guys who left the bank, those who started, those who have not yet had the opportunity, the mentality was phenomenal and even take “. It takes effort and a mentality to move this thing forward. “Andone’s job is to be ready from the first minute, whether they leave or not.